We treat our customers the way you treat your family.

Our Chairman and CEO, Tommy Hodinh, incorporated MagRabbit in 1990 in Austin, Texas. Hodinh arrived in the United States in 1972 with a strong vision to pursue the American dream. After working his way through college, Hodinh embarked on a successful career at IBM, which led him to further his dream of starting his own enterprise. He founded MagRabbit Inc., MagRabbit Global Software Services, LLC, MagRabbit Dedicated Fleet, LLC and MagRabbit AIW, LLC.

Our original core competency was the replication of magnetic (floppy) discs, which is where we get the name MagRabbit: Mag from “magnetic discs” and Rabbit from how fast they reproduce. Our company slogan has always been “More than a hare better and much faster than our competitors”

MagRabbit’s customer focused philosophy transitioned our business models to include fulfillment, transportation, and logistics management for our magnetic disc replication clients. In 1998, we started offering comprehensive supply chain management solutions. In 2005, MagRabbit expanded its services offering to Global IT consulting. In 2006, we launched our Global Software Development Services LLC to focus on providing offshore software development services to serve our current customers.

Today, we are serving clients globally in the forms of Software Development & Consulting and Supply Chain Management services. We are very proud of our history. Our goal is to provide financial and job security to our employees and shareholders, be an irreplaceable supplier to our clients, and to be of service to our global community.

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Supply Chain Management

I've known and worked with Tommy since 1995. Tommy's company focused on logistics and sourcing prior to the days of laser focus analytics - but Tommy's company MagRabbit exhibited early signs of next generation material sourcing.

Ken Kalinoski
Managing Partner, Hill Rock LLC

Tommy is the consummate customer focused entrepreneur. He understands his business and the marketplace well and knows how to network to position MagRabbit for the right opportunities.

John Magee
President at Crane Worldwide Logistics

I have known Tommy as a friend and business associate. Tommy's Business, MagRabbit is a very successful logistics firm mostly due to Tommy's business savvy. In addition to his success with MagRabbit Tommy has been a very active participant in many community activities in Austin and Round Rock

Robert Stluka
Owner, Texas Government Consulting

I cannot lavish enough praise on the shoulders of Tommy Hodinh and MagRabbit. He is a knowledgeable and visionary business leader with a company that is forward thinking and effective in its provision of services to its many customers. Likewise, Tommy is involved and engaged in the community from which he draws his living.

Steven Sims
President & CEO at NOAH Innovation LLC

I have been a friend and admirer of Tommy's since the mid to late nineties. I believe what he, his company, and his family have accomplished since Tommy came to the United States from Vietnam in the early seventies is remarkable!!!

Earl Maxwell
CEO at St. David's Foundation

Tommy, as we discussed, I would happily recommend your team's professionalism, your tenacity and your customer focus.

IL, Executive VP

Tommy and MagRabbit is an excellent company to do business with. They provide value added services at competitive pricing. MagRabbit is relentless when it comes to providing outstanding customer service.

Norvell Eutsey
President & CEO at NE Ventures, LLC.